Review: LUCIFER’S HAMMER “Victory is Mine”

Review: LUCIFER’S HAMMER “Victory is Mine”

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LUCIFER’S HAMMER “Victory is Mine”
Shadow Kingdom records

This is Lucifer’s Hammer, from Chile, not the US version of the band… and they’ve reminded me that I need to play a lot more South American Metal.

The EP is heavily influenced by the mid-80s NWOBHM scene… not the originators such as Maiden and Saxon, more of the 2nd wave bands, a lot of who are making a comeback this decade.

This is super-slick, without sounding too smooth… the vocals are very 80s sounding (clean with a restrained feel and no high pitched screaming), whilst the music gallops along, with the lead guitars adding all the fancy flourishes that leave this sounding very majestic indeed.

And they’ve managed to capture that 80s feel, without sounding cheesy. It reminds me of a lot of bands from my teenage years, but it’s not influenced by any one band, more than any other…

Although I might contradict myself and say the solos sound very much like Iron Maiden in places, especially on Thousand Nights (O.O.T.S.) which has a similar tone to the Powerslave album.

Victory is Mine is out on cd and tape on December 15th, and on vinyl in January. If you’re of a certain age, (45+) then this is an essential purchase, especially if you were a fan of the NWOBHM and 80s Metal in general.

Very impressive…

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