Review: MADLIFE “Precision in the Face of Chaos”

Review: MADLIFE “Precision in the Face of Chaos”

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MADLIFE “Precision in the Face of Chaos”

Los Angeles is extremely huge city (second largest one in the States and twenty first on the world). So it’s as clear as day that there’s also huge and diverse music scene. This diversification is also about Metal. But in case of this band I’d never use word “Metal” to describe their music. Band’s members also don’t do it and use term Industrial/Hard Rock. Well, I seriously doubt if term Hard Rock has something to do with reality here.  But it always can be so that I’m just too old and too big orthodox and Hard Rock mean something else than I thought whole my life. Anyways, with this Industrial I’d also don’t agree. I easily can find in creativity of Americans some elements of Industrial in vein of COMBICHRIST for example, but not FRONT 242. So I prefer term they use in their bio: Active Rock – even if it says practically nothing.

Well, music is surely melodic and guys use first of all classic for Rock music instrumentarium. That’s truth that samples play quite important role in here, but they take place rather rarely. Riffs should be defining as energetic ones mostly. They aren’t also changeless for sure. The fact is that these changes are subtle and not very often, but… The same I can say about drums and bass (which’s sometimes very well-hearable). So Isaiah, Kyle and DieTrich do what they should and do it well, I guess. Generally both music and Angry Phil’s vocal connotes with so called Nu Metal for me. I can of course be wrong since I never was, aren’t and will never be fan of such playing. But I doubt that I’m wrong!!! Heheheheheh…

So if you like something like KORNMUSHROOMHEAD and so on then you should check out this American band! As I said I don’t like creativity like that, so my rank can be too low. But it doesn’t mean that this is probably good album in its music genre.

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 73%
73 %
User Rating : 0.8 (1 votes)

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