Review: Mechanical God Creation “The New Chapter” [The Goatmancer records]

Review: Mechanical God Creation “The New Chapter” [The Goatmancer records]

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What we have here is a sort of mesh of technical death metal mixed with melodic death, both highly contingent on variety. Female vocals tainted in the vein of Alissa White-Gluz. I would venture to say who else would name themselves by an Arch Enemy song and not be their idols? The answer: blank-out. But yes, Luciana‘s voice sounds on the low-bellowing side like Alissa‘s (Arch Enemy‘s vocalist) but she mainly keeps it that way in the duration of this release.

I was quite impressed with this band hence you will see my rating shortly. The guitars and vocals are the highlight to this album. The production quality is good, too. I didn’t much care for the lead guitars, but the rhythms, yes. Luciana makes it hard not to dissuade you into erring this release. Native Italian’s pull out some brutal work here.

There were points in the album that weren’t totally METAL, but that’s alright because the music outweighs the quiet pieces (piano, etc.). Yes, this band decided to put a bit of melodies in here and part of a symposium it would seem. Even some of the piano is mixed with the track “What Remains, Pt. 3.”

I typically would’ve preferred them to just keep it to one to two genres without any melodies (piano, keyboards), but whatever they decided they’re getting docked points off of.

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