Review: Mourning Dawn “Waste”

Review: Mourning Dawn “Waste”

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Mourning Dawn “Waste”
Aesthetic Death records

Here we have another project which with time became regular band. Well, in this case it took something like three years and as I see Laurent “Pokemonslaughter” Chaulet had to move from Montpellier to Paris to make it real. So two demos and first a half hour long EP he recorded only by himself. Then came three albums (“Mourning Dawn” – 2007, “For the Fallen…” – 2009 and “Les Sacrifiés” – 2014) and split with MAïEUTISTE, VOODOO PLANET, ATARAXIE, IMINDAIN and MAGNUM OCCULTUM INNOMINANDUM (2009). Now finally after almost three years of silence fresh EP (!?!?!?!?!) entitled “Waste” is coming. And let’s tell it loudly: this over one hour (1.15.42) absolutely isn’t wasted time! I have no idea if this is coincidence, but all three compositions take the same long time – 25.14. Personally I don’t believe in coincidences and it’s especially about such situations. Reason in this case is as easy as anything: music here is very well prepared and well-thought out and it’d be at least strange if guys (Laurent first of all, I think) would do it by accident.

They describe their music as Black/Doom Metal. Generally I can agree with this term, but only generally. Music which we have here has dark climate and is played in slow tempo. So in this meaning we can easily notice elements which we can categorize as Black and Doom Metal ones. But from other side… Well, in my opinion mentioned above term is using only coz music should be described in some, as easy to understand as possible way. We have to do here with Metal suite consisting of three the same long parts. They’re strongly connected with each other and create coherent whole – both musically and if we’re talking about lyrics. To notice this second unity it’s enough to take a look at least on titles of individual parts, Music here is minimalistic what absolutely doesn’t mean that it’s in any moment boring or something! NO! It happens quite a lot here. In a nutshell we get a proof given to us by Fabian (Longeot – guitars), Nicolas (Joyeux – drums), Vincent “Toxine” (bass) and of course Laurent (vocals, guitars) that it’s possible to create interesting, in some way sensual music without using tons of relishes, quirkiness and stuff like that. Anyway, music even if minimalistic is really variable. The same thing is about vocal – sometimes (I have impression that even mostly) its desperate scream, but we have here also declamations which are in French, something between declamation and, let’s call it, “dismal somber singing”. These last ones aren’t made by clean voice of course.

Well, I think that detailed describing of this music is nonsense. It’s much better just to listen to it. I guess that I gave enough signposts in this review to help you to decide if you should grab this stuff or not. For me as clear as crystal is that you should! But everyone has own mind, music taste… and decide what’s noteworthy and what isn’t.

Score 92%
92 %
User Rating : 4.6 (1 votes)

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