Review: Necrosis “Mythogenesis”

Review: Necrosis “Mythogenesis”

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Necrosis “Mythogenesis”

Rule number one when you form a band… make sure no one else has the same band name

I took a load of random releases as we are swamped with promos here at Antichrist, and the first thing I found online is that Necrosis had split up. I (thankfully) noticed the logos were different, so I headed over to the Metal Archives to do some more research.

And there’s 26 bands called Necrosis, including 2 in Denmark, one of which I’m reviewing now. And this version of Necrosis aren’t splitting up, as far as I know.

Not only had they made a poor choice with their band name, they also steal the riff from Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir on their track, Abysmal Descent.

Fuck me….

I will confess that I’m not a massive Death Metal fan, but the odd album will bowl me over. This one though, the bands debut, is pretty much Brutal Death by numbers.

Gutteral vocals, some very cool drums that just blast and go apeshit in a controlled manner. Some crazy bass lines (the bassist is superb, by the way), and not forgetting some dizzying riffs. So the band can really play. The production ain’t bad either. Although the snare sound on opening number, Staring Through The Sun isn’t the best.

So despite all the positives… I’m not really feeling the music. Some of that might be down to personal tastes. They lean in a technical direction quite a bit, and that’s generally where they lose me.

You want to flatten me, then just go ahead and do it. But don’t use a 100 notes when 10 will do the job just as well.

Yes, I’m probably being a bit over-fussy here… because the foundations are very solid. But if you want to win over a non-believer, then you need to go that extra mile.

Deathheads will be won over a lot easier than me.


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