Review NORDWITCH “Mørk Profeti” (by Droll)

Review NORDWITCH “Mørk Profeti” (by Droll)

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NORDWITCH “Mørk Profeti”
Satanath records

Promising blackened death metal band Nordwitch formed only a year ago, in 2015. Yet even in this short period they already performed with black metal legends Nargaroth and played at some festivals. Which is not surprising: band members ambitions with their professionalism provides benefits. And now it’s time for their long waited first LP –  Mørk Profeti («Dark Prophecies»).

Initially, Nordwitch was Ukraine/Hungarian band so Mørk Profeti was recorded with Donets Stepan, Hungarian drummer. But after some changes in line-up, now they are entirely Ukrainian band.

The album contains eight darkest tracks, full of evil and aggression. On one hand it affects the duration of an album – less than 40 minutes. On the other hand there are no fillers in an album, each one of eight tracks is surprising and catchy.  Personally, I think it is the right way, especially for debut album.

Talking about the music: this album is knocking out. First of all it neatly adheres the frameworks, which musicians set for themselves. Death metal brutality with evil atmosphere of black metal are merging together, representing magnificent in its eternal darkness music. With this there is a place for melody – scrupulously created and thoroughly played solos are amazing. And even acoustic guitars fits very well: “To North Gods” calm acoustic intro goes great with common song’s epic, inherent to Amon Amarth, for example. Also I want to highlight drummer’s work: heavy supply, rhythm patterns changing, blast-beats and double pedal – parties are great in every song.

The most surprising is vocal. I mean, it’s great low growling, muted a little bit on a record, which is present in every song except same titled instrumental intro “Mørk Profeti”. The point is that growl is absolutely unexpected from Masha, tattooed blond front-woman. Yes, Nordwitch is female-fronted band. And appearances are deceptive.

Few words about cover: laconic design from Vyacheslav Smeshko transmit the atmosphere of Mørk Profeti very well: black background, snakes, bones and probably three Norns on the roots of Yggdrasil. Another great work that worth to contemplate.

So, the only shortcoming of an album for me it its duration. When the last song “Messiah of Death” is fading out, you’re still expecting the extension, but again you just play the album from the start. With this, better less, but of higher quality.

Mørk Profeti is very qualitative and interesting work. Musicians are perfectly coped with the task, at the same time putting a very high standard. But I’m sure that their next album will be no worse than present as minimum. And now their great dark work can be enjoyed not only in record – guys are planning the tour, supporting their firstborn album.

Mørk Profeti will be released on September, 30 by Satanath Records.

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