Review: Psychosomatic “The Invisble Prison” [Nefarious Industries]

Review: Psychosomatic “The Invisble Prison” [Nefarious Industries]

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A crossover thrash attack like no other assaults your senses on the Invisible Prison, the latest venture from Sacramento veterans Psychosomatic. With all of the thrills and frills of a classic thrash sound mixing perfectly with the power and aggression of hardcore, Invisible Prison is grade A mosh fodder for the masses.

The crossover sound has been done before, and veteran listeners will be very familiar with the sound presented on this album. What sets the group apart is the high levels of enthusiasm which blares through the speakers, infecting the listener with its viral joy in the power of thrash.

This is a good time record in a time when we need one desperately. Psychosomatic do not concern themselves with an overwhelming need to be presented as badasses or nihilists, content with making some good ass music for people to move to. It’s an awful shame for this album to be released in a time where the material cant be taken in live, but we have the album and that’s something.

The Invisible Prison shows off a band that loves what it does. This is portrayed to the listener in each and every track, creating a very enjoyable experience. Long live thrash and long live Psychosomatic. Definitely give this one a listen for some killer crossover action.

Release date: August 28th 2020

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Peter Morsellino

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