Review: Rostres – Les Corps Flottants

Review: Rostres – Les Corps Flottants

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Rostres Les Corps Flottants
Slow Burn Records

I have not had to translate French words with music since Rush’s “Circumstances.” Rostres is a duo from France and if Google translate did not fail me, rostres means “rostrum,” which is a platform for someone to give an important speech. The French band is an instrumental project built off members of hardcore band Dead Like Me. The small studio project soon grew into a full-fledged effort from the duo who secured an album deal with four record companies to distribute the album across Europe. Les Corps Flottants, or floating bodies, became the debut album from the group. The record focuses on a sludge-stoner vibe that lets the music do all of the talking.

Rostres consists of Brunet Alain, who handles the guitars, bass, and keyboards and Mermin Lionel who leads the percussion. The guitars are really what shine the most on this release. The keyboards presence is only felt slightly and do not disrupt the music at all. The drumming is on point and fits every track accordingly.

Les Corps Flottants opens with the title track, “Les Corps Flottatnts,” and it sets the mood of the album well. It is a technical and progressive track that goes on for eight minutes. Only one of the seven songs on this release is less than five minutes in length. The long runtime on the tracks give them each a distinct flavor and feel while still maintaining that sludge sound. The imagery depicted merely by the music itself is chilling and ominous. The shortest song, “118,” gives a dark gaze into whatever is happening on the album cover. The following track, “Glaire,” is my favorite song on the album. The heavy riffs that open the song are pleasant to listen to every time. The closing song, “Déversoir,” gives a solid sound that is well appreciated to end an instrumental album like this. The keyboards are a lot more audible here and suit the song.

It is always hard to judge an instrumental album. A key element of metal music, the lyrics, are missing. However, there are always exceptions to when an instrumental album can work and this one is the case. Rostres have laid down an excellent album here. Les Corps Flottants is a neat album that a lot of people can like if they give it a chance.

Les Corps Flottants was released on June 29, 2018 through Slow Burn Records.

Track listing:

  1. Les Corps Flottants
  2. Exorde
  3. Méandres
  4. 118
  5. Glaire
  6. Au Faîte Des Honneurs
  7. Déversoir

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