Review: SARTEGOS / BALMOG Split 7″

Review: SARTEGOS / BALMOG Split 7″

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Caverna Abismal

Here’s a small slab of vinyl featuring 2 exclusive tracks, with both bands coming from Galicia, Northwest Spain.

First up, it’s Sartegos and they serve up Black Metal, with Deathly like vocals. It’s pretty raw, with the vocals too high in the mix and overall, it’s a tad on the chaotic side… despite that, I really like what’s going on.

Musically, it’s wonderfully dark, with an obvious Satanic/Occult feel and with a few more tweaks, they could really be onto something. Or maybe they like where they dwell and things will stay the same. Who knows…

On the flipside, we have the ever prolific Balmog, and they really don’t need to change a thing. Their track, Venomous, lives up to its name, and is 6 minutes + of (almost) unrelenting, yet gloriously majestic, Black Metal.

It has a big fuck off sound and I can’t praise it enough, from the sound to the arrangements… it’s just how Black Metal should be

So a good introduction to two bands at different stages of their careers… one with work to do, and the other on top form

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