Review: SIGNIFICANT POINT “Attacker”

Review: SIGNIFICANT POINT “Attacker”

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Ok, when this popped up in our review list, I thought the band name was awful, the artwork even worse, but what attracted me was the list of influences. They included the likes of Maiden, Priest, Accept, Pretty Maids, as well as bands from Significant Point’s homeland of Japan. The staples of Loudness and Bow Wow.

So don’t judge a book by its cover, as the old cliché goes… because the music on this 2 track 7” single is most definitely king.

The lead track, Attacker reminds me a lot of Pretty Maids in their very early days, probably circa Shelley The Maid. Throw in a bit of Maiden… some gangshout backing vocals that are part Accept, part Anthrax, and a stack of energy… and that’s a mighty combination.

Vocal wise, I’m pleasantly surprised. Fumiya Abe has a roughish voice and it suits the smoother tones of the music perfectly. And the music… the band was formed by a couple of guitarists, and it shows… again, I’m thinking of early Pretty Maids, from their 1983 self titled EP… and Attacker sits nicely alongside the likes of City Lights and Bad Boys.

On the flipside of the single, we have Danger Zone… which again is mid 80s Metal. Its impact isn’t as strong as Attacker, but it is still a very good tune… and once again the axe work is exemplary.

I trawl though hundreds, probably thousands of releases every year, just to find gems like this. So if you love your old school Metal, this is an essential addition to your collection

This isn’t out until next month, but you can pre-order it… and as it’s a limited edition, I’d get in there quick –


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