Review: Siniestro “Revelations In Mayhem”

Review: Siniestro “Revelations In Mayhem”

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Siniestro “Revelations In Mayhem”
Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions

I really can not remember did I send Siniestro album to my best friend or he sent it to me, but I know we faught who will write review of their first full-lenght album “Revelations in Mayhem”. I won and in order to find out something more about the band, I started my research. Official web site might be good option to start research, but… I realized that I have no idea how to use computer, or something is really wrong with that site. Only band logo and that is all. Never give up! So, next step, our Bible: Encyclopaedia Metallum. Two bands under the same name in Chile, one from Ecuador and finally, our guys from Sweden! Still nothing that I already didn’t know. FB page? No! I asked my editor if he has something more to offer, but it turned out we all have the same promo material.

Weeks and moths passed by and since we are not getting any younger, it was finally time to write few lines about them.

Siniestro was formed in late 2012 in Stocholm, Sweden. Linus “Commander” Öhrn and Sebastian “The Machine” Rojas had been playing in a band Graverape Ritual. Led by the parole: no rules, no boundaries, no bullshit, they formed Siniestro. Their first EP “Opression of the Sunlight”, which includes six songs, was released in 2014 (26th May, 2014, Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions).

Since I have never heard their EP, in order to write adequate review of their first full- lenght album “Revelations in Mayhem”, I just hoped my friend You Tube will help me. It did. Now I can say, “Opression of the Sunlight” was sucessful debut. Mix of thrash metal and punk immediately caught my attention. I expected album will follow the EP, but I was surprised. Pleasantly. Comparing EP and full lenght album, you can follow band evolution. To make it simple: album is more metal than punk. It is darker and havier. So, now we are talking about thrash metal roots with punk elements flavoured with black and death metal, if anyone cares.  Album brings catchy, groovy riffs, great melodies, rich guitars, good black and death arangements, good genre transitions without unpleasant interruptions. You will hear death growls and black screams.

Full of surprises, still one song stands out: magnificent orchestral outro “Transylvania”.

Mastering has been done at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden, by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Dragonforce…).

Speaking of lyrics… Siniestro has no concept at all. Whatever cross their minds and they think it might be good idea, they will write it the way they like it. No philosophy.

No matter if you have no idea what are they singing about, “Vinden Som Piskar Ditt Ensamma Lik”, will buy you at first listening.

Listening the album you will recognize influences of Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, GG Allin

I am avoiding to analyze song by song in reviews, so if you red anything interesting which coincide your musical taste, buy CD.

My personal opinion is that this is a great mix of punk/thrash/deat/black metal. If you are fan of those musical genres, you will not be dissapointed. If not, just pass.

Sweden is home of lot great bands, from underground over black and death to power metal. Siniestro is one of them.

Hhighlights: “Liberato”, “Allegiance To No One”, “Vinden Som Piskar Ditt Ensamma Lik”, “Transylvania”.


  1. Liberato
  2. Inisde My Head
  3. Allegiance To No One
  4. EU-topia
  5. Vinden Som Piskar Ditt Ensamma Lik
  6. MDPV
  7. The Disease Siniestro
  8. Transylvania

Siniestro are:
Linus “Commander” Öhrn
Sebastian “The Machine” Rojas
Fille Bloodbag’ Armfelt-bass


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