Review: Speedclaw ”Iron Speed”

Review: Speedclaw ”Iron Speed”

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Speedclaw- Iron Speed

I turned 50 at the beginning of the year and this debut, from Croatia’s Speedclaw, takes me way back to my teenage years… and this re-issue is even coming out on tape (after a very limited CD run).

It’s like my Alzheimer’s is kicking in early and my brain has taken me back to 1982… which is a really cool era for me, musically. Even the band are getting into the spirit of the era as two of them look like the (bastard) offspring of Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi… which is a scary fucking thought, but I’m sure they’d be amazing musicians.

Anyway, you really don’t need me to sell this to you. If you like the production values of say Tokyo Blade (Night of the Blade) needs a bit more bass, but sounds cool anyway, with a bit of Maiden here and there amongst the NWOBHM meets Speed Metal, plus a cover of Exciter’s, Heavy Metal Maniac and a strong smell of bullet bells and band patch covered denim jackets, then you’ll absolutely love this debut 6 tracker.

Their next release is entitled Beast in the Mist… and I’m really hoping for more of the same as their formula is wonderfully spot on.


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