Review: Spell “The Full Moon Sessions”

Review: Spell “The Full Moon Sessions”

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Spell are a Canadian heavy metal outfit that have been around for a few years. Previously going by the name Stryker, they changed their name in 2013 and have since brought us two records, this one being the first of the two known as The Full Moon Sessions. At the root, it’s about as traditional as it gets, with added hints of NWOBHM thanks to the vocal work and a higher sense of power in the riffwork and solos.

Production wise, this is anything but clean. There’s a rainy mist in the air that prevents anything from breaking through, thus dulling out the delivery. Shoddy production does have its benefits though, as this gives it a more genuine feeling and the rawness allows for a retro tint. Mostly, the guitar solos are what stand out, because the higher-pitched powerful nature allows them to take the forefront of this disc. Spell clearly has an ear for melodic intricacy.

On the other hand, this makes up for the vocals as they’re quite messy, although not horrible. There isn’t a whole lot of focus with them. The lyrics are mostly based around heavy metal itself or occultism. Nothing abnormal there, but I had a tough time figuring out where the band was going with most of the songs. Thankfully there wasn’t a problem of it being too samey, especially since this has a short running time of only about twenty-eight minutes.

At its core, The Full Moon Sessions is an enjoyable listen and the songs have a pretty strong foundation within themselves. The issue lies in the fact that the record doesn’t do too much for me and there’s clear room for improvement regarding flow. I must give it credit for being fairly unique, and it’s completely worth checking out.

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Nichalas Edward

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