Review: SPLIT HEAVEN “Death Rider” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: SPLIT HEAVEN “Death Rider” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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SPLIT HEAVEN “Death Rider”
Pure Steel records

Queretaro (actually Santiago de Querétaro) is huge city in central Mexico. It has prominent place in history of the nation and its independence. So there’s nothing strange in the fact that there’s really many monuments (mostly connected with colonial past, of course). City is a capital of state with the same name. This is also very important educational and first of all technological center on a scale of whole country.

Anyway, there’re really many interesting bands which play our beloved music. Don’t worry!!! I’ll don’t bore you with tons of names now. Instead I’ll mention only one: SPLIT HEAVEN. Band was born in 2003 and directly they took to work hardly. Effect was a demo entitled “Lightstorm” which contained 6 songs. By the way, guys couldn’t decide which name should be their official one. So until 2005 they used both SPLIT HEAVEN and LIGHSTORM. Well, it seems that indecision is immanent part of their nature. They finally choose the name, but they use two logos as I see. I know that NUN-SLAUGHTER has other one on every release, but… However, except mentioned above demo they released two more (“R.I.P.” – 2005 & “Split Heaven” – 2007) and three full-length (“Psycho Samurai” – 2008, “Street Law” – 2011 and “The Devil’s Bandit” – 2013). So as you can see it’s experienced band and guys exactly know what for their instruments are created.

We can become convinced about it during the listening of the newest work of three Mexicans and one American! We have here the most classical line-up which we can imagine: drums, two guitars and vocal. Music is also as classical as it only can be – old school Heavy/Speed Metal. When I listen to “Death Rider” I have irresistible impression that very big inspiration for this band is all what happened in German Metal in 80’s and early 90’s. I’ll don’t mention any names here. Especially that it’s not good way of describing music in my opinion. Anyway, riffs are rather short and suffused by aggression. Even during these more melodic ones or solos (which nota bene take place quite often) we know whole the time that we listen to Metal! Tomás Roitman plays drums smoothly and sparingly. It doesn’t mean of course that it’s in any way monotonous or something like that! We have here enough passages to make every song interesting one – even if we somehow would listen only to parts of this instrument. Vocal sometimes reminds me a little English school, we can say. But mostly hell knows why Kai Hansen, sometimes Schmier.

Anyway, it’ll be much better for you if you’ll don’t read my wisdoms anymore and start to think how to get this album!!! Than you need only put “start” and savor.

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(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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