Review: The Dark Red Seed “Stands With Death”

Review: The Dark Red Seed “Stands With Death”

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The Dark Red Seed “Stands With Death”
Prophecy Productions

I don’t really know where to begin with this one, as I have to pitch this to a mainly Metal readership.

The Dark Red Seed are a duo, consisting of Tosten Larson, the guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude. And he’s joined by King Dude engineer Shawn Flemming.

Between them, they’ve created a very sullen debut 3 track EP, which vocally sounds like a mournful Johnny Cash contemplating death with Nick Cave, whilst Neil Young is firing off some dirty riffs in the background. I know King Dude has a religious/ spiritual slant, but I have no idea if that’s replicated here. As an Atheist, I do try and steer clear of anything preachy, and I don’t get the sense of anything like that here.

Moving on: Part of me wants this to cheer the fuck up, but the misery does draw you in with its deathlike grip. The stark music on the first 2 numbers is unbelievably beautiful and the vocals are eerily comforting, which probably highlights that I really am a moody old fucker that loves a dollop or two of misery. Yeah, fuck being happy…

The Metalheads will be happy with the dirty sludgy Doom of The Tragedy of Alesund, as well as the pounding beats of the final number, The Master And The Slave. And if you’re a fan of Neil Young (he’s one of my favourite artists of all time), you’ll love the guitar work throughout the EPs 3 tracks.

Ultimately though, this is one for the miserablists and the down-trodden.

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