Review: Throaat “Reflections in Darkness”

Review: Throaat “Reflections in Darkness”

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Throaat “Reflections in Darkness”
Dying Victims Productions

New York City Scene is a specific one as on the States, as far as I know. I heard, this is about atmosphere. Anyway, one of the youngest (but still experienced) bands from there is created in 2013 THROAAT.

‘Reflections in Darkness’ is their debut full-length what doesn’t mean that this is the first release ever of these three guys, of course. I didn’t write “Americans” especially because bassist Vein, James Louis, who joined the band last year is Aussie. He has few more years of playing in the band – he played in bands like TARATORNIS, BASTARDIZER and HELLBRINGER before he became a part of New York ensemble. Except him two other guys play there, also hidden under pseudonyms: guitarist Revelation of Doom (since 2016) and the only original member Impurifier Vilethroaat (drums, keyboards, vocals) of the band.

On their “blue f” our friends describe their creativity as sepulchral, evil and chaotic. Well, I just can’t deal with this last adjective at all. At least I don’t see here any chaos in stricte musical meaning. This is is even contrary – there’s a lot of dark melody which I connote with some very old-school Black Metal. Keyboards are participating here in very minimal level. Revelation plays variable and in its way melodically, with some “solos” from time to time. Drumming is intensive, with quite huge number of passages and even huger one of cymbals. Everything’s in middle tempo and in combination with way of singing, but also timbre creativity of THROAAT reminds me some legendary Brazilian band where Wagner Antichrist was responsible for vocalizations. This connotation is also, or maybe even first of all, because of some evil and dirty climate.

But guys has to offer something much more than only playing like this or another band. Maybe this is not some edge-cutting or something stuff, but very interesting in my opinion. So I’ll try to get somehow previous releases of this band. AMEN!

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Bart Tomaszewski
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