Review: Tiran “Apocalyptic Tales”

Review: Tiran “Apocalyptic Tales”

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Tiran Apocalyptic Tales
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Yikes! This was a bit of a tough listen for sure. Тиран are a newer thrash group based out of Russia, bordering on the fringeline of death metal. Apocalyptic Tales is their third full length effort, hitting the scene last year. Basically, to sum it up, it’s a short speedball not even hitting a half hour in run time, and to be honest, that was a relief. Musically, there is a small pinch of listenable material, mostly when the guitars take the forefront and solos break out, but that’s about it. Nothing too impressive either.

Beyond that, the rest of the instrumentation is about as monotonous and typical as it gets. Poor production does nothing for it, making it sound like a band’s first demo, rather a third full length. There’s definitely hints of a teutonic thrash influence, with the blasting and furious overtone in the guitar work, as well as the constant topics of war, death, and destruction. The drums are way too high in the mix, almost forcing the guitars to have to compete, which makes for a pretty uncomfortable listen. It doesn’t help that they also have that “tin” sound to them that was overdone in Metallica‘s St. Anger at times. I guess all in all, the riffs, when you can hear them correctly, contain a level of abrasive edge that can be somewhat redeeming, but again, this is just me looking hard for things to like about it, and it’s pretty average.

The instrumentation being lackluster, believe it or not, isn’t what makes this as rough as it is. The vocals are the greatest downfall of this, being painful to listen to. Picture someone trying to pull off a Kreator or Exodus style, with that messy shreik-like kick, but failing miserably. It’s absolutely incomprehensible, and carries no sign of rhythm or even a hint of musical melody. The singer sounds like they’re in pain the whole time, screaming for some kind of relief. To fully understand, it’s recommended to see for yourself. At times, death growls are thrown in, which also adds onto that death metal fringeline I mentioned earlier. They never do much for me, but to be honest, they’re probably a step up.

I’ve never listened to this band’s other works, so perhaps they take a different angle, but this album is certainly not for me, and look at this as a fair warning to anyone willing to seek it out. I had a tough time getting through the twenty five minute run-time, and it felt longer than that. I guess at least the album artwork is cool? But it got my hopes up.

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