Review: Verberis “Vexamen”

Review: Verberis “Vexamen”

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Verberis “Vexamen”
Iron Bonehead productions

Some time ago I wished to penetrate more carefully Metal scene of New Zeeland. And I got what I wished even before I started to dig. But about this band, contrary to SOLAR MASS, I know nothing except the fact I mentioned on the beginning of this review. There’s anywhere even information who play in the band, about date of the birth I’ll even don’t mention.

But it had to be before 2014 when VERBERIS released demo-tape “Vestiles” with four songs. Than their fans, which they already have over there in New Zeeland or at least in their region of the country, had to wait next two years for debut full-length released in all physical formats. Album contains ten songs (two from demo and eight new ones) of, in opinion of musicians and the label – IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, Black/Death Metal.  And in general I can agree with this opinion and such definition of what New Zealanders play.

Music is in middle-fast tempos generally. There’re numerous speed-ups and quite rare slow parties, but… Riffs aren’t absolutely something complicated, we can even risk a thesis that they’re in some way primitive. But they’re very energetic and create together something very interesting. Probably coz they change quite often. The same thing we can say about drumming – it’s very variable, I can hear a lot of cymbals. All the time bass’ work is hearable very well (sometimes it even come out on first place). I’m almost sure that bassist use technique called cling when he plays. Everything together sounds very massive and creates very technical, sometimes even a little twisted (but not in the same meaning like PESTILENCE) whole. Common character of this music tells me that musicians have rather broad horizons and influences. This is pure Metal and there’re no doubts about it, but… What’s about vocal it’s something what I’d call old-school growling.

In general this band looks for old-school one and during listening of this stuff I feel a little like I’d come back in time at least twenty years. To sum up, there’re stuffs which I listen only when I write review and then they just lay somewhere on shelf or in computer and there’re stuffs to which I’m returning from time to time. And “Vexamen” belongs to this second category.


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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 87%
87 %
User Rating : 3.7 (1 votes)

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