Review: Vox Lvciferi “Ov Lacerated Soil”

Review: Vox Lvciferi “Ov Lacerated Soil”

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Vox Lvciferi Ov Lacerated Soil

Osgilliath hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is the solo member of Vox Lvciferi. Falling for now into the self published category, Osigilliath has presented an EP for us. Ov Lacerated Soil. Fitting easily into the BM category and presenting 3 tracks standing at 22 minutes I see this as a well set out introduction for Vox Lvciferi. Let us begin…

“Enthralled by the Dark” – This must be the opus (standing at 10m 39s) and whilst you can easily find good dark riffs within, I personally can’t help be put off by the bloody terrible chanting vocals. They honestly sound like an idea has been recorded for later and Osgilliath has forgot to re-record and do it properly before he released it! I don’t say this lightly, it almost kills the track. Luckily, pummelling double bass via drum machine actually sounds great and the guitar spends some time with beautiful motifs absolutely saving the track!

“Serpents Call (Devourer)”Oh so good. I won’t explain what’s going on because I can’t do it justice but I will say Osgilliath has captured an essence here. Too short is the downfall of this track.

“Scalpel of Truth”Starting with strength and discordant, the guitar arpeggio starts and we’re whisked away into a dark place you won’t want to leave. You’ll be wrapped in a pride and strength as it shows the way to enlightenment.

Ov Lacerated Soil has been infused with guitar riffs that are surely inspired by Panphage. I don’t mind. Tribute, nod or homage, the tracks are made better for me because of this. That’s not to say there’s no originality here. Bass guitar really stand out in this mix and plucks are heard in the bookend phrases of riffs making their presence extremely purposeful. Vocals are the type of affair you’d expect in BM to be honest. Strong, raspy and grim. Less of that awful chanting Osgilliath and you’d get full marks, mate.  As it stands I’m happy to listen to Ov Lacerated Soil again and again, highly recommend it to the BM appreciation squads and give it a not unreasonable score to boot.

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