Review: Warfield “Call to War”

Review: Warfield “Call to War”

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Warfield Call To War
IMM Records

Call To War is the first effort by the German thrash outfit Warfield, dropping back in 2014. They wouldn’t get a full length effort out until this year. But the question is, does this serve as a good indicator as for what’s to come? Well, stylistically, yes. As a band, they take on a lot of the German roots (which is no surprise), but pinning it down to one specific influence is tough. The harsh, darkened vocal style with lots of rasp is there, the stripped down one sidedness is on full throttle, and blast like drum kicks are everywhere. But amazingly, it’s actually a bit cleaner than you would expect, therefore doesn’t resemble the bands that laid down the groundwork as much as Warfield would in the future.

Don’t take the clear makeup as a bad thing, because this does allow for some pretty crispy bites. The drum sound cuts the air like a freshly sharpened blade, keeping the tracks flowing, even when the instruments drag out a chord rather strumming. Take the chorus from “Terror Will Prevail” as a fine example of this, all laying behind the blistering vocals of Johannes Clemens. Sadly, since the kicks come through so hard, it’s easy to recognize the fact that they don’t vary at all, and stick to the same pattern almost all the way through. Granted, it isn’t a lengthy release. As far as actual composition, it sheds its skin a little more and breaks out some creative chops. The main riff on “Under The Surface” provides a very bouncy lick, and the bridge that connects everything breaks into a more blackened style, as well as faster rhythms and drum kicks. The solo work is also pretty impressive, giving a nice dose of melody drawn on minor scales.

Since not every song makes its way onto the full length Wrecking Command, this is worth seeking out, and the way it’s put together is a bit different despite being based on the same style. Fans of cleaner thrash metal with a darker tint and raspy vocals should give this a spin. And once you do so, go ahead and give Wrecking Command a whirl as well.

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Nichalas Edward

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