ROTTEN CASKET set release date for debut and reveals first track

ROTTEN CASKET set release date for debut and reveals first track

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Underground Movement sets June 27th as the international release date for Rotten Casket’s Emerged From Beyond collection. “Simply Rotten Death Metal” is how the five Dutch old-school deviants of Rotten Casket would describe their sound, and they are not far wrong. Made up from ex-members of Death Squad, Pulverizer, Deifecation, Bloody Remains, and Caedere, they have been blasting a name for themselves in the European underground for the past couple of years, creating a heavy, scathing, and devastating racket by taking the listener on a trip back to the crushing sound of late ’80s Swedish death metal.

Emerged from Beyond is both Rotten Casket’s sold-out cassette releases remixed and now on one disc, with over 56 minutes of pure HM2 death metal and a must for fans of old Unleashed, Grave, Asphyx, and Dismember. Advance promo track “Leeches of the Cross” can be heard here:


Tracklisting for Rotten Casket’s Emerged From Beyond
1. Morbid Transgressions
2. Glorious Gruesome Murder Manifestations
3. Unknown Graves
4. In Search of the Perfect Skin
5. Culpable Homicide
6. Emerged From Beyond
7. Vortex of Insanity
8. Falling Skies
9. Breed of Osteophagia
10. Leeches of the Cross
11. Drowned in Darkness
12. Tangled in Gore

Rotten Casket are:
Willem – vocals
Frank – guitar
Iwan – guitar
Arjan – bass
Niels – drums

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