Sarpentra – Russian Death metal diamond exclusive stream

Sarpentra – Russian Death metal diamond exclusive stream

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Do you like Nile, Melechesh, Behemoth? Really? Then you must listen to this track, taken from “Supernova” album of Russian Death metal horde Sarpentra, streaming exclusively here!

“_Supernova_ is a masterpiece reserved for the like-minded elitists out there who are fed up with cliché-ridden death metal’s old ways, who seek for something different, something fantastic.” – Chronicles of Chaos ‘zine

“Make no mistake, though, Enya this is not: this is blackened death metal on the more refined, polished side – the band’s subtle, twisted orchestrations alongside some of the more grim sections, combined with the multitracked approach to the vocals in the record’s excellent production lends Sarpentra a very similar vibe to Behemoth, and that’s never going to be a bad thing.” – Metal Inside ‘zine

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