avant-garde metal

avant-garde metal

Interview: Diablo Swing Orchestra

After a five-year hiatus, one of most extraordinary bands Diablo Swing Orchestra makes the audience happy with their new album ‘Pacifisticuffs’. On the eve of this, we had ...
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I had an interview before the gig with Bjornar Nielsen, vocalist of Vulture Industries, who have talked about the current tour, new album concept, the band’s collaboration with ...
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Review: Diablo Swing Orchestra “Pacifisticuffs “

One of the most unordinary bands, Swedish avant-garde Diablo Swing Orchestra release their fourth album ‘Pacifisticuffs’ after five years of silence, line-up changes and other difficulties. However, “five ...
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Video: Enslaved ”Storm Son”

Enslaved presents their new video for the single song, ”Storm Son”, taken from the band’s upcoming album E , which will be out on October 13th via Nuclear Blast. ...
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Interview Stielas Storhett

Stielas Storhett is a Black metal band from Russia, but this is not all. Damien TG, the mastermind of this music project, been active in The Unhallowed, another ...
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Second To Sun “Ladoga Master” single stream

News / Stream
Second to Sun, Russia-based metal band, was formed in 2012. It’s members are playing metal and hardcore instrumental music and one of the most inherent ...
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