VADER and VENOM Inc. will tour September/October

VADER and VENOM Inc. will tour September/October

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Polish death metal legends VADER have just announced the dates for their upcoming European tour with VENOM Inc. The tour will see the band play 28 shows across Europe,
drawing from a very special setlist of rare tracks, selected from VADER’s first decade: 1983-1993. Many of songs have never been performed outside of Poland before!

VADER frontman Piotr states:
“We are proud to announce that we will be touring with VENOM Inc. across Europe in September/October 2015!!!! 28 shows with very special and rare setlist of VADERs first decade: 1983-93. Many of songs were never performed outside of Poland before. „Tyrani Piekeil” (Tyrants of Hell), „Gin Psie!” (Die!) , Necropolis or „Przeklęty na Wieki” (Cursed Eternal) were our local scene hits back in the day when VADER’s frontman was still singing in Polish. For this occasion we are using the very first official VADER logo. We will also be taking fans back to the band’s first demos. To play on the same stage with Mantas and Abaddon means a lot to us because we were – and still are – big fans of this legendary horde! This is VENOM, Goddamed!!!! DIVINE CHAOS and WITCHES will support us as well. This tour will be the last in Europe before VADER will start to prepare for the recording of new album in Spring 2016. All are more then WELCOME!!!! WELCOME TO HELL \m/“


18.09.2015 DE Bremen -Tivoli
19.09.2015 NL Rotterdam – Baroeg OA
20.09.2015 DE Saarbrucken – Garage
21.09.2015 UK London – Scala
22.09.2015 FR Paris – Divan du Monde
25.09.2015 ES Pamplona – Totem
26.09.2015 P Lisboa – Cine teatro de Corroios
27.09.2015 ES Madrid – Caracol
28.09.2015 ES Barcelona – Boveda
29.09.2015 FR Toulouse – Metronum
30.09.2015 I Torino – Cafe Liber
01.10.2015 I Roma – Traffic
02.10.2015 I Brescia – Circulo colony
03.10.2015 CH Zurich – Suisse Komplextreme
04.10.2015 BE Vosselaar – Biebob
05.10.2015 DK Kobenhavn – Loppen
06.10.2015 SW Malmö – Moriska Paviljonnen
07.10.2015 DE Berlin – K17
08.10.2015 PL Warszawa – Proxima
09.10.2015 PL Gdańsk – Parlament
10.10.2015 PL Szczecin – Słowianin
11.10.2015 PL Wrocław – Alibi
13.10.2015 CR Zagreb – Tvornica
14.10.2015 SK Kosice – Colosseum
15.10.2015 HU Budapest – Durer Kert
16.10.2015 CZ Brno – Melodka
17.10.2015 DE Jena – F Haus
18.10.2015 DE Munich – Backstage

The latest VADER album “TIBI ET IGNI” was released in May 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

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