Video: Saxon ”Thunderbolt”

Video: Saxon ”Thunderbolt”

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On 2nd of February, Saxon will release their new album entitled as Thunderbolt via Militia Guard records.

Biff Byford added: This is album 22 and it’s called Thunderbolt. It’s a storming, smashing, thundering collection of tracks we’ve been crafting with producer Andy Sneap, and it’s finished ready to be unleashed. Stand clear and fasten your seat belts!

He added more: This is part one of the colossal Thunderbolt World tour. We’re going to be touring the whole of 2018 so get your tickets and join the ride. It’s going to be fast and furious, dark and brooding. Monumental riffing and screaming vocals – loud and proud – it’s going to be a Saxon tour, unique in every way!

Below you can watch the band’s new video for the album song title:



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