Inquisitor “Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust” review

Inquisitor “Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust” review

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Hammerheart Records

Fuck my ears! This release is a true awesome “gift” for end of the year! Inquisitor from The Netherlands! Do you remember them?! I have had both of their demos on Tapes and the only full-length, which YOU can get now on CD or Vinyl! For those who do not know about this band, I’ll tell little secret, the band was created by musicians, known by participation at Desultory, Centurian and Ancient Rites (although Centurian was created after Inquisitor’s split-up)! So I’m really do not sure if I must write anything about Inquisitor, just ‘coz (I hope) all the fans already know this band, but I’ll do a brief description. So, just be prepared for pure form of chaotic yet killing death/thrash metal, made with huge passion and with great approach. Each song here is more than just song; this is warlike bomb, which blows with each chord! Real metal hurricanes, with death metal massive tunes, mixed with straight-forward, crossing and technically skilled violent thrash metal means, with pressing rhythm and deep solos. Just unbelievable vortex which should be beloved among the fans of such bands like early Kreator, Sadus and Dark Angel. Obviously “Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust” recommended for all the fans of thrash metal, dot depending on age and other shit. This album comes with bonus – both demos, and released on CD and Vinyl, so EVERY fan into Inquisitor able to get this piece of metal terror in any preferred format. Prepare your mind for death by thrash, hehe! Antichrist recommends!


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