ALDAARON Returns With The New Album

ALDAARON Returns With The New Album

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Aldaaron [France] returns with their brand new album Arcane Mountain Cult! Album will be released by US Paragon Records this year.

Once again, they continue down their dark path with harsh Pagan Black metal, where Supreme Silence left off. Their music is violent one moment and atmospheric the next, with all elements blending seamlessly. The imagery the band projects fits in their music perfectly! They truly stand alone in the French and worldwide scene!

Paragon Records is also about to re-release Aldaaron‘s 2nd album Suprême silence (+ bonus tracks).

Originally released in 2012 by Black Skull Records.  Easily one of my favorites from that year and a title Paragon Records wanted to originally release, now has finally come to pass which also features their Des Legendes Et Anciens Dieux 2007 Demo as bonus tracks!

This is cold harsh Pagan black metal played with great melody & atmosphere. Some of the fastest blasting you will ever hear however the band always changes things up nicely & naturally- they create a world all their own! The album & Demo tracks have been remastered as well, for this release!

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