Apostate “Time of Terror” review

Apostate “Time of Terror” review

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Apostate “Time of Terror”


Do you think this is Finnish or Polish Apostate? Nope, this is the last alive band with title – Apostate:). Here is our, Ukrainian Apostate from Lviv. The band was formed back in 1993, when some of you were inside the tombs or just in thoughts of your parents, old but with weak side… I mean time, they have just one Demo, EP and two albums so far; I know there should be some serious reasons, but this is not good anyway. Well, the main thing here we have their latest effort so far, so we can check if they worth for attention. The last thing from Apostate I have heard ever – many years ago I had re-recorded Tape with their 1997 EP “A Song of the Dead Lake”, it was so many time ago, so I do not remember how good or bad was music there, but I know one sure thing – if I always remember band’s title over the years, then I like what I heard of there. Their first album was missed by me for some reasons; I had it on label’ distro, and CDs sold very good. So, here is “Time Of Terror”, new work of Ukrainian Apostate; five long playing tracks (each 9-14 minutes approx). Musically Apostate is still (LUCKILY!) into death/doom metal genre, and first thing came into my eyes – really serious work and composition’s structure. You know, there are many bands in such genre, but many of them are too sweet or too morbid; but in case with the Apostate we have something between aforementioned stuff. The music is ENOUGH melancholic, and ENOUGH dark at the same time. What I like most of all – main songs structure is a death metal pressure, and just then we have DOOM metal massive layer. Death metal parts are good and NOT sounds modern or sweety, but just typical, typical for good old death/doom metal. All in all this record has returned me back into the times where death/doom was just born, you know what I mean; thus listening to the “Time Of Terror” may remind you almost all important death/doom metal bands from the past; many of them got success and changed music, but Apostate is on their own path still, and this is very good thing for me. As you may understand, you will not hear something new over here, you’ll hear just next awesome portion of quality death/doom from Ukraine, and Apostate should be heard and supported by all the fans worldwide, because they worth it.

Mature, awesome, well-played and composed, catching yet memorable pressing Death Metal of YOUR Doom!

Antichrist strongly recommends, do not miss and be doomed!


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