ARMOURED ANGEL “Communion” review

ARMOURED ANGEL “Communion” review

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Hells Headbangers

Fucking shit! Finally this great demo will see the light on Vinyl format, after 26 years of the only Cassette release. I had such Tape in my collection, and I still impressed by the hellstuff I jave heard of of there. I think all the die-hard maniacs have or had this piece of metal history. Official release date is 29 January 2016, there will be released Vinyl 12″MLP, I think it’ll be limited, so you must to be hurry if you need a copy. Well, return to the music itself. “Communion” is the third demo, consisting with four skull-crushing tracks just. Musically there is death-thrashing mayhem, made with the only typical approach, i.e. straight-forward, extremely catching, a bit raw of course, and just memorable. Sometimes it sounds slow, sometimes fast and sometimes comes with the mid tempos, and, from my point of view – the entire demo sounds on one breath and really killer. Yes, this is old-school, yes – this is great, yes – this is for those who still loves real sounds of metal, without modern influences etc. Maybe one time “Communion” will see the light in CD format, in aim to reach more and more people. Someone can say – come on man, this is just a demo, one of miriads of worth demos from those years… Yeah, I’m agree completely, BUT, this is a piece of metal history, and for pure metalheads will never be “enough” to discover some new or just old and forgotten stuff!


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