ATOMIC AGGRESSOR “Sights of Suffering”

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR “Sights of Suffering”

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ATOMIC AGGRESSOR “Sights of Suffering”
Hells Headbangers Records
Wow! All the fans into old-school DEATH METAL –  hear pure sounds of hell! Atomic Aggressor – one of oldest Death metal bands out of Chile, who stopped activity back in early of ‘80s, then they returned into the scene and, and we now see their FIRST full-length album!!! Can you imagine? Existing since 1985 Atomic Aggressor had just numerous of demos and etc… So, 30 years of existence and FIRST album, sound weird to be honest:). Well, do not care, the main thing we HAVE it finally! Also I see pretty positive thing, “Sights of Suffering” sounds not like this is 2015 album, but just like this is previously unreleased album from ‘80s, but with GOOD sound! Atomic Aggressor plays pure kind of DEATH metal, made completely in old-school way, without any modern shit and etc. Just crushing, fast and molesting metal of death. Comes with many rhythms and tempo-changes, covered by unholy growls and comes with excellent typical guitar solos (which will turn you back into ‘80s, early of ‘90s!). I won’t mention ANY bands like similar, fuck this, here is just OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL, and that’s all! Recommendations – high volume, beer and headbaging! Antichrist recommends!

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