BESTIAL WARLUST to release posthumous live album on HELLS HEADBANGERS

BESTIAL WARLUST to release posthumous live album on HELLS HEADBANGERS

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Hells Headbangers sets March 31st as the international release date for a special live album from the legendary Bestial Warlust Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ’96, on both CD and vinyl LP formats.

Just like the title states, Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ’96 captures these Australian extreme metal pioneers at the height of their powers, not long after their classic second album, Blood & Valour, was released. As such, the setlist Bestial Warlust storm through here encompasses that album as well as their pivotal debut album, Vengeance War ’till Death, which went on to become one of the most mimicked black metal records in the new millennium, where the bestial metal subgenre they helped foment soon flourished. But everything that made Bestial Warlust so deadly – bulldozing heaviness, gnawing violence, hypnotic hatred – is captured in its rawest, most red-eyed state on Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ’96, making the album an indispensable component to any bestial diehard’s collection and a rare document of black/death primitivism in the pre-social media era.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Bestial Warlust’s Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ’96
1. Death Rides Out
2. I, The Warrior
3. Storming Vengeance
4. Barbaric Horde
5. Prelude – Descention Hell’s Blood
6. Heathens
7. Orgy of Souls
8. Beerz and Blood
9. Blood and Valour
10. Massacre (Bathory cover)

In conjunction with this live album, Hells Headbangers will be reissuing Bestial Warlust‘s two lone albums, 1994’s Vengeance War ’till Death and 1995’s Blood & Valour, on deluxe digipack and, for the first time, cassette. Both are also set for international release on March 31st.Widely considered one of the first “war metal” albums – if not THE first, actually – Bestial Warlust‘s Vengeance War ’till Death debut was a shockingly violent and utterly barbaric slab of black metal that literally had no peer upon its release in 1994. It spawned countless imitators in the two decades since that original release and even furthered the “bestial metal” subgenre so prolific today, but there’s simply no substitute for the original – and Hells Headbangers couldn’t be prouder to reissue it alongside their second album and the new live album. Preorder info can be found HERE.

Originally released in 1995, Blood & Valour was the crucial follow-up to the Aussie barbarians’ legendary debut album. That debut almost singlehandedly started war metal, but it was with Blood & Valour where Bestial Warlust confirmed that their “Satanic war metal” was truly a viable, lawless outback all its own and that their over-the-top violent savagery was no mere fluke. The lineup may have shifted, but the iron fist remained bloody: Blood & Valour more than lived up to its title, then and especially now. Added as a bonus track on this long-overdue reissue is the studio cover of Bathory’s “Massacre” previously only heard by close contacts of the band. Preorder info can be found HERE.

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