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2016 is going to be busy for Black Altar. Within a few months we will finally release a split with Norwegian Beastcraft. It will be unleashed on XX anniversary of Black Altar which is around March. It will be released as a digipak, vinyl and deluxe wooden box with t-shirt and some rarities. Another releases this year will be a vinyl version of “Suicidal Salvation”, reedition of classic self-titled debut album “Black Altar” with a new cover art and mastering, and a vinyl split of the solo project of Shadow – Kriegsgott with Nokturne (USA), and a compilation of Kriegsgott stuff. Furthermore, the band will start working on the new mini-album “Kremator”. All the lyrics will be written in Polish and the album will end the trilogy of death started on “Death Fanaticism” and “Suicidal Salvation”. Black Altar has also been honoured to be a part of the book „Black Metal – Into the Abyss” written by a well known author Dayal Patterson. The book will be published around April and apart from Black Altar it will also include such bands like Tsjuder, Helheim or Mystifier. War goes on.

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