Bleeding Gods “Shepherd Of Souls” review

Bleeding Gods “Shepherd Of Souls” review

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Bleeding Gods “Shepherd Of Souls

Punishment 18 Records

Haha, hext “almost-all-stars” band. This time from Netherlands, and with guys who were seen at the bands like Sinister, Houwitser, Debauchery… As you see, death metal roots by participation, and, musically as well! Luckily musicians weren’t interested in modern shit ala alternative etc, and just make in-your-face death metal album, with little thrash metal parts here and there. The whole album sounds really impressive, such fresh, driving and pressing at the same time. Thresholds of massive, marching and twisted rhythms make you suffer with each song. Really, first time I listen to “Shepherd Of Souls” on one breath, i.e. I couldn’t press stop button, and the whole album sounds at one breath. All you will hear there – blasting and fast as hell drumming, aggressive vocals (just like the whole music is), sometimes grinding guitars, intelligent tempo-changes and just great thresholds! “Shepherds Of Souls” comes with really good rhytmical approach, I mean here are really lots of them, mostly made by using all possible – fast, mid and slow parts, plus pricking and furious guitar solos, which sounds Purely in old-school way! Argh! Just a killer! Together with all those killing tunes there are also acoustic tracks, just like “Ixmucane (I)”, whcih comes (as I understood) like prellude to the next song – “Lords of Xibalba (II)”…

For all the fans into death metal, to say more – reach and uncompromising death metal! Death or die, motherfuckers!

Official release date – 22 February 2015.


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