Review: Blood Moon Hysteria ”Crimson Sky”

Review: Blood Moon Hysteria ”Crimson Sky”

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Blood Moon Hysteria is an Atmospheric metal band from Norway.  The band will debut with their EP called Crimson Sky which will be released via WormHoleDeath records.


A first thing I have to mention about ‘’Crimson Sky’’ is that the sound goes, in my opinion, to the ’80 sound like Christian Death, also black metal influences, all these resulting a nice and relaxing atmospheric sound; another band I can add as similarity is Ulver.

Very well can be heard the strong guitar riffs, the atmospheric effects, the piano (at the end of the 1st track ‘’Crimson Sky’’ the piano part is amazing), all these being in the 5 songs.

About the concept and lyrical themes, the album can express a lot of things about life and nature.

I can say ‘’Crimson Sky’’ by Blood Moon Hysteria is not a bad album, I enjoy it since I am a fan of atmospheric/dark music.  I suggest you BMH, once the EP is released, get it!



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