BREATHLESS “Return to Pangea” review

BREATHLESS “Return to Pangea” review

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BREATHLESS “Return to Pangea

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Argh! Fresh massacre from the Spanish thrashers Breathless! So, if musicians are breathless, they have reason for that, that could be just due they out their whole breath into the music on this album! Yeah, “Return To Pangea” is a real piece of thrashing madness. They plays total sick and fast thrash metal, with toxic atmosphere and just thrilling rhythms. Here is pure thrash metal. The whole album is reach for tempo-changes, which are really great, one good rhythm changes by another, from fast to mid paced, and vise versa. While very first listening the very first band came into my mind was Swedish Bewitched, with an album “Rise of the Antichrist” (most of all by the song “Introspective Nightmare”) – with the same highly pressing, straight-forward and vortex like rhythmical structure and massiveness. But of course Bewitched is not something like one comparison for Breathless, and I can surely add here bands like Kreator, Exodus and Coroner; these will draw more correct picture for your imagination. Almost 45 minutes of non-stop rumbling, from the very start until the last… “breath”:), fucking fast, fucking catching and commit to headbang! Just a next awesome thrash metal album for the genre history, no more to say, thrash or fuck off!


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