{brief album review} Morbosatan – The Last Sacrifice (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Morbosatan – The Last Sacrifice (by Robert Lombardo)

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The Last Sacrifice 7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Release: 12 September 2016

Today is very nice day, hehe, after I was enjoyed by In Obscurity Revealed, I got an opportunity to listen to the next awesome band! Morbosatan from Peru!

First of all, Peruvean metal scene was decent always, because there are loads of old-school blasphemous bands, so I’m glad now I have an opportunity to listen to the new EP from Morbosatan, which released on “7EP today!

Just three tacks, yes, JUST three tracks, because it’s too littl to be honest… I would like to hear real album from Morbosatan asap!

First track starts with intro + song, and then two songs without intros. Musically Morbosatan plays unholy, raw and obscure black/death metal, typical for bands from that area, and, I’m dare to say that The Last Sacrifice sounds like some unreleased before demo from Sarcofago or Vulcano! To the fact, Morbosatan including drummer Toñyn Destructor, who’s played with Hadez and Anal Vomit! So you can imagine, what the kind of hellish drums here is! All in all here is sick and twisted, blasting and raw black/death metal, typical killing stuff in this genre!

So, I recommend this EP to all the fans of goat-hell-metal-of-death!

Support real underground! Cheers from France! Rob

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