Brutal Assault 2019 pt. II

Brutal Assault 2019 pt. II

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Another Brutal Assault festival is over and it was awesome! It’s like I was in some different universe. Once again I found that metalheads community is a big, friendly world. Notwithstanding there were something like 20000 people in a time, it was positive, without any sign of aggression! Super, keep on going!

This music will last forever! I wasn’t able to see all the bands that I wanted, of course, but I honestly tried. But it turned out it’s not simple to from stage to stage because of metalheads’ permanent migration. “Moving is life” they say, so we will live for a thousand years, boys and girls! One more thing: I’m 154 cm tall, so that’s another reason why I missed a lot, I guess. But I’m grateful to all Brutal Gods for the huge monitor! Also it seemed to me that the sound on main Sea Shepherd stage was a bit worse than on Jägermeister, but in the fourth day it was even better. But that’s in general.

Now let’s talk about the music. I was really pleased to see the band from my country, Ukraine – Jinjer. Their performance was powerful and fierce; boys and girls, you are super, you are real, I really proud of you. I could smell Batushka long before they went on stage: incense is very stinky thing, but the performance was great. Therion and Heilung not just played, but showed real theater performance, which totally fascinated me. As for me, Immolation are some aliens from the other planet (in a positive way, of course), especially their guitarist with his enormous energy and charisma. Meshuggah also performed great, with outstanding techniques, which is not a secret.

I wanted to see the Combichrist, well, I saw, I heard and I went insane, they are really good and one of my favorite bands. Australian Metalcore Parkway Drive I saw for the first time: their powerful and outstanding performance was full of drive. In contrast to them, it wasn’t the first time I saw Kampfar, but I love these Vikings and there is nothing I can do about it. Dolk is a real satyr; he is not a human, for sure.

We danced to Tankard like it was the last dance in our lives, it was impossible to just stand in a place. Their song was in my head even when I fall asleep. Mgla‘s style and performance comply to their name completely: it’s laconic and discreet that’s why it’s awesome. Also there was good to see Sodom, Emperor, Metal Church, Voivod and Destruction. It must be written “must see” on the posters near these bands’ names!

Oh, I almost forgot about an ace up in my sleeve: Hellhammer! Thomas Fischer is incredible, impressive and immortal. He made head-blasting music when I wasn’t present on this planet! I even didn’t blink my eyes not to miss anything while they performed!

Also there was a quite little stage K.A.L. (experimental club stage), where four or five bands performed per day. I came there not for a long time, because it’s not my kind of party but still it was interesting. There were a lot of people, it has its own atmosphere and there was so much smoke! But people really liked it and somebody was here all the time. So if you like this kind of party, you are invited to visit it.

But the festival is not only about music. Firstly the entire place itself: it’s a XVIII-th century military fortress with undergrounds. There is a panic room in one of these undergrounds. The entrance isn’t free, but it definitely worth it. Me and four my friends, we came there and it was just like in a movie about couple of students that went the place they shouldn’t. We walk in the corridor in almost complete darkness, and suddenly somebody grabs me, covers my mouth and drags me through the dark corridors deeper and deeper in the dark with roaring. Wow, that was scary! After some time it release you and you run to your friends that scream like all the dogs from hell chasing them. Then you go deeper, you can see your breath and near you some ghosts can be seen. Then some zombie or voodoo master, I don’t know, came out of nowhere and said that he wants us for his collection. Of course we ran from him almost falling from our legs. And in the end, when you think that it’s all over and you’ve almost got out of there, you can hear the noise (well… hellish roar) of a chainsaw. Minutes last like hours and you really think that’s how you end your life. But somehow you see the light and you nearly fall into it with relief that you never felt in your entire life! You are alive, you didn’t become a werewolf and your friends have all the parts of their bodies! Well, maybe some little scratches and eyes opened widely, but it’s so good just to have them!

Also there was one interesting location for post-apocalypse lovers this year – Junktown. There happened some theatrical show all the time. It’s hard to describe it fully, it just must be seen. And there always were a lot of interested audience: well, it’s cool to see the girls fighting in the mud, isn’t it?

There are some art galleries on the festival and many rest zones, where you can sit, lay down or even play a foosball. I also liked a little stage with musical instruments where girls and boys can jam or even make their own band and play some music! It’s good for us as an audience and for musicians that want to play.

I need to mention the charity topic as well: there was a tent where metalheads can donate their hair, which will be used in wigs for children with cancer. And people really donate! It’s a serious and respectful act.

Let’s talk about food: Brutal Assault has a lot of it for all tastes: European, Asian, Fast-food, Vegan, Hot and Spicy, etc. I wanted some Ukrainian borsch, of course, but I didn’t find it, so I took some soup.

For the end I need to write about festival’s lacks. I already told about the sound on main stage above. Now about VIP place; it’s not only my thought, many people got angry with it. VIP was placed over soundman’s place and it blocked the view for many people. Also the sound got worse: in the nature tribunes last year the sound was much better!

This year we lived in a hotel and we got to the festival with a fest bus. I want to thank the drivers for taking us to the festival safely! And also I want to thank all organizers for such titanic work! I can’t imagine about the force you put in Brutal Assault!

To sum up: music is eternal! Metal forever! See you next year!

P.S. By the way, next year Brutal Assault turns 25! So come with birthday cakes and hats! Clowns aren’t necessary, I don’t like ’em.

See you!

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