CARDINALS FOLLY “Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

CARDINALS FOLLY “Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

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CARDINALS FOLLY “Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom”
Shadow Kingdom records

Swedish call capitol of this country Helsingfors. Well, to be honest it was Swedish who found this city (just like many other) coz until the beginning of XIX century Finland was just a part of Sweden. Anyway, just there headquarter has band CARDINALS FOLLY formed in 2007. Actually we can say that it happened in 2004 when THE COVEN was born. As I see from first line-up there’s still only one musician – Mikko Kääriäinen (bass, voc).  Except him in the band play two other ones: Juho Kilpelä (guit.) and Joni Takkunen (dr.).

“Holocaust…” is their third full-length album (before was also two EPs and in meantime a compilation). Music which we have possibility to listen to here is definitely Doom Metal with mostly clean vocal. So we have here the most characteristic feature of such music: low pitched guitar. Riffs aren’t maybe complicated and I can even imagine that for somebody they’ll be monotonous. But I have question to such person. Would it be still Doom Metal if Juho would swank how great he can play guitar (even if it happens that there’s some solo here or there)?!? In my opinion absolutely no!!! We could say only about some elements of Doom Metal as in case of BLIZARO then. Doom Metal means sepulchral and depressive mood. And that’s what we have on “Holocaust…” Tempos are mostly low or even very low – even if sometimes (but rarely) we have some little faster ones. I like bass which from time to time, especially on the beginning of songs, “awl”. Drums play seemingly changeless, but if you’ll listen to it carefully you’ll hear that that’s not whole truth, the same like impression that guitarist doesn’t create any melody. As I said we have here clean vocal, but Mikko use it in the way which only intensify this sepulchral mood.

I can recommend it only to real fans of music like that! If you like only fast tempos, growling and stuff like that then it’s definitely not for you. But if you like early works of some Swedish band which changed name from TREBLINKA (they changed style of music they played, so…) or even more English school of Doom Metal (I don’t think so I have to mention names of bands who in fact created this kind of music) then get this CD or LP as fast as possible!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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