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Xtreem Music

Ugly, dirty, raw and evil. Just like every black metal band should be. These are Cendra, from Sabadell (Catalonia), formed by Joey (drums and vocals), Malparit (guitars) and Agressor (bass). Straight from the purest underground, Cendra bring back to life the 80’s with the mix of punk, thrash metal, speed metal and rock and roll that was the cradle of extreme metal that will explode in the 90’s.

‘666 Bastards’ is their second album, after the debut ‘Sang, suor i alcohol’ (Blood, sweat and alcohol in Catalan) released by the Spanish label Xtreem Music, usually specialized in death metal.

Twelve songs for 32 minutes of musical carnage: tracks shorts, fast, tight and heavy, with a guitar riffing far from being original or innovative, but that is like a razor that cut your ears. The drumming is pounding and set on the ultraclassical thrashy pace, just like the bass. The songs are very simple and technically basic, but there is no space for bore, keeping the intensity very high through the all album.

The voice of Joey is always on the background and the vocal lines seems almost random: something that the band could improve on the next release; lyrics are all in Catalan and are about the classical stuff like misanthropy, nihilism and hate for the society.

Songs like ‘Satanic D-Beat’, ‘666 Bastards’, ‘Cementiri rocker’ and the final trio ‘Dimonis Motoritzats’, ‘Privat fins rebentar’ and ‘Castell okupat’ – where the songwriting touch the peak with some variation on the theme – for sure worth the listening.

If you don’t have many pretenses, and you are looking for something genuine, wild and true for bang your head, choose Cendra. These guys kick ass.

81/100                                                                                                                               (c) Dan Ross


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