Charm Designer “Everlasting” review (written by Droll)

Charm Designer “Everlasting” review (written by Droll)

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Charm Designer “Everlasting”
Inverse Records

I was always amazed that heavy music, in contradistinction to regular pop music, penetrates into such remote places on Earth, which not everyone can show it on a map. Of course, there are some, who make great music without being Britain, American or Norwegian. Rotting Christ, Moonspell, Sepultura or even Rammstein, they all are worthy representatives of their countries. However, not everyone is so lucky to spread his music all over the world. Here helps the internet. Many tell that it kills the whole music industry. Maybe. But with this it helps to find some local bands, known only in their homeland, but with the great music and qualitative, solid material.

One of them is Charm Designer. This doom/gothic band was formed in 2002 in Bogota, capital of Columbia. In 2006 was released first demo, named Manifested. Two years later professionally recorded Blood Sounds have seen the light. The band become famous enough on a local scene and even played with Finns The 69 eyes. For now the Charm Designer is: Andrés Herrera – Vocals and guitars, Diego M. Giorgi – Bass, Diego A. Morales – Drums,
Diego A. Hernández – Live guitars.

The upcoming second album, Everlasting is a pure doom/gothic metal, as it should be. Nothing extra. Middle-tempo songs, heavy guitar riffs, perfect rhythm-section work and lots of keyboards. Vocals are also interesting, as the changes from clean to harsh and back.

It should be said separately about record’s quality. An album was produced by Waldemar Sorychta. This man is standing behind such bands as Lacuna Coil, Moonspell and Tiamat. So the record is great. A cover is also a real adornment. This is the creation of Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu. His works can be administered at Arch Enemy and At The Gates.

In a word, Everlasting is strong and solid work from absolutely unexpected place on Earth. And I’m sure it will take proper place in fans’ hearts and playlists.

Everlasting will be released in February, 19 by Inverse Records.


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