Coldbound reveals details about the new album

Coldbound reveals details about the new album

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Coldbound announces a new album, The Gale.

The Gale was composed and recorded between March – August of 2017 . The whole album ignites a whole new approach of the band , from the raw old school black metal atmospheric sound to a more melodic death metal sound with female element on vocals this time. This is the first Coldbound production that is done in a proper studio . All tracks are composed and written by Pauli Souka (Coldbound) , female vocals are done by Paulina Medepona and orchestration arragements are done by Andras Miklosvari of Winterthroned. Artwork is designed and made by Paulina Medepona as well. All done on a canvas. The release of this album will happen around 2018 or even end of 2017 if odds are with us.

1) The Invocation
2) Endurance Through Infinity
3) The Gale
4) My Solace
5) The Eminent Light
6) Winters Unfold
7) Deprivation
8 ) Shades Of Myself

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