Cretura announces a new album and signing deal with WormHoleDeath records (By Carla Morton)

Cretura announces a new album and signing deal with WormHoleDeath records (By Carla Morton)

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Norwegians from Cretura, an Extreme metal band announces signing deal with the record label WormHoleDeath and a new album entitled ”Fall of the Seventh Golden Star” which the release date of it will be announced soon.

Cretura stated: We are proud to join forces with a record label such as WormHole Death. After years of hard work we are grateful to see that our efforts are paying off, and that we’re not only working with a label that understands our genre and visions, but also a label Manager that understands and embraces us as people. Meeting Carlo in Italy during the recording of our new album was a blast, and we got to know a man that has a genuine love of music and a sharp eye for business. The level is set and we are eager to crush heads! 


About the new album, the Norwegians stated more: We’re proud to announce the 2016 release of our first ever full length album. An album with a strong concept: both lyrically, musically and visually. Where everything and nothing is being left for the imagination. We all poured a piece of our heart and soul into the making of this album. With over a year worth of work and striving to compose songs we created 11 tracks which contains everything from beautiful vocals, extreme riffing, complex orchestration and screaming guitar solos. «Fall Of The Seventh Golden Star» tells an epic tale about the end of humanity. A tale where both historical, philosophical and religious events are contorted in different ways to reflect the ongoing cycle of human behavior and what ultimately causes our moral and ethical way of thinking to become oppressed and thrown away while our souls slowly decay. This album will set the bar for our future growth and we are looking forward to share it with you very soon!

To see who they are, here is a song taken from the upcoming album ”At the 11th Hour”:




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