Curse / Styggelse / WAN “Necroholic” entire split stream

Curse / Styggelse / WAN “Necroholic” entire split stream

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CURSE are from Iceland and have the same vocalist as the band Fortid. Formed in Iceland 1995 under the name Thule. After the band splitting up, the remaining founding member, Eldur continued on his own and changed the name into Curse in 1998. After some albums and members coming and going through the years, Eldur relocated in Norway and reqruited Tybald as a permanent dummer for the band. The duo released ‘Void Above, Abyss Below’ in 2011 and are now finally back after 4 years of silence.


STYGGELSE (Abomination) has been around since 2003, started as a pure Black Metal act from the beginning, but has in time grown into a more old-school metal act with punk influences, thrashing it up with one foot in the 80’s and the other in the grave! Hard, raw, ugly fucking blackmetalpunk. Stationed in Gothenburg (Sweden), they have showed themselves as mainly a live act, which is their stronghold. They have done gigs in Europe and all over Sweden and has grew themselves a name in the underground scene the last 12 years. After a couple of full length albums, a bunch of singles and demos they recorded 3 brand new killer songs! En-fucking-joy!


WAN was formed in 2009 as a triad of aggression with the intent of brining metal back to the roots, raw, filthy and in the gutter with a twist of punk. Aganaroth, Isengrim and Tsjud, who have always been the core of the band, recorded the debut album “Wolves of the north” that was released in 2010, and also on a limited MC in 2011. Somewhat later WAN recruited Dimman who executed the drums on the second album “Enjoy the filth” released in 2013. Shortly thereafter Dimman decided to leave, and was soon replaced by Draup who beat the drums straight to Hell til this present day. In 2015 the debut album was re-recorded and released together with the second album as a limited gatefold DLP. During 2015 WAN also recorded five new tracks for the relentless split-CD “Necroholic”. During 2015 Wan also recorded their debut-video of “Pentagram rockers” taken from the second album. A few gigs have also been executed here and there, and the aim is to get out on the road and spread the filth even further across the world!

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