Dark “Dark” review (By Carla Morton)

Dark “Dark” review (By Carla Morton)

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11748521_10204697040365256_611580347_nSigned with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath, the Swedish Gothic metal band, DARK, released this year their self-titled debut album.
The members are Erik Molarin (vocals), Jonas Strömberg (guitar) and Jörgen Ström (bass).

The album contains 11 tracks, one track is in Swedish, Kval, translated as anguish, the rest of the songs are all in English. The album begins with the track Distance and ends with Sarol’s Song track.

As influences, DARK draws from The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, I think they are a somewhat similar to old Paradise Lost, that is what I hear from this album, but to be honest, I have never heard something like this before, it is interesting, weird and a nice album and as I was listening to this album, I thought that their songs could be used as a soundtrack for a movie.

Dark World is one of my favorite songs from this album, the lyrics are about dark themes because, of course, the truth about this world is that most people have a ‘’dark mind’’ and a ‘’dark soul’’.

The others songs are melodic, have good drum rhytms, the piano is also used in the songs, the bass can be clearly heard, and obviously, the singer has a perfect voice, which I can also add is very atmospheric. The lyrics are about dark ideas and the world mainly and what the band  add into the lyrics is what they feel and the result from that is simply amazing.

It is not only a nice album, but Dark is also a relaxing album, I think I have listened to it more than 10 times by now because I really enjoy it and I am sure those who like old music, they will like DARK also. From now on, I definitely will wait for a second release and hope to see them live soon.  Seeing them on stage I think would definitely be even more interesting and cool to see.


Favorite songs: Dark World, Apart, Distance, Sarol’s Song.

Track list:

  1. Distance
  2. Eternity
  3. Dark World
  4. Sleepless In Sao Paulo
  5. Incomplete And Medicated
  6. Caged
  7. Gold
  8. Apart
  9. Kval
  10. The End Of The World
  11. Sarol’s Song

For more informations:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkbandofficial/
Website:  http://www.darkband.se/
Record label: https://www.facebook.com/WormHoleDeath

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