Devathorn “Vritra” review

Devathorn “Vritra” review

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Devathorn “Vritra

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Devathorn is a Greek band with members from Acherontas, Nargothrond, Dodsferd among others… What do you think they can play? Of course, some kind of black metal. Eleven tracks of dark black metal, which made in good way, comes with decent sound and just right approach. The whole atmosphere is chaotic and obscure, with some cosmic tunes here and there. Made also with various rhythms and thresholds, like from the beginning song starts with such slow measured rhythms, and then it become marching and then fast; sounds good. Black metal scene is pretty reach last years, of course there are some bands worth for all time attention, some – for one time listening, and of course there are real scrap. As for Devathron, for someones it’ll be for a long time attention, for someones – couple times listening, these are just personal feelings. For me – this is GOOD but average album, i.e. “Vritra” is pretty good, I’ll listen to them again and again, but far not always, to say more – I’ll listen to this album with the proper moods, when I’ll be interested to listen to some chaotical and dark black metal from Greece. Orthodox black metal with pretty good productions of dark ideas with pressing atmosphere, but at the same time – an average album among good ones, there are no more to say, just if you are into orthodox black metal – you’ll propably like “Vritra”. Infernal and raging metal of blackness.


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