DISTANT PAST “The Road To Golgotha” single stream

DISTANT PAST “The Road To Golgotha” single stream

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Distant Past return with their most ambitious work to date: A Concept album about the eternal struggle of the Temptation of Lucifer vs. the Teachings of God’s Son.
None other than Gloryhammer Singer Thomas L. Winkler joins the band to take the role of “The Son” to defend Mankind and save them from the evil influences of “The Fallen Angel”, performed by Jvo Julmy, who also embodies “The Voice of Mankind” in this new and exciting Album based on the greatest story ever told.

“It was a real task and a half”,

says Distant Past Mastermind and Lyricists Adriano,

“I had to change the whole story during the recordings, because the storytelling took away too much from the music. For me, it was more important to create an entertaining, fluent Album, than a complex and twisted story, so I had to change a few songs around, add some and leave some. The most difficult thing to do for me was to change lyrics of already existing songs.”

Songs like “End of the World” and “Scriptural Truth” are a great example of the two singers at their best, battling it out vocally. The opening “Masters of Duality” takes the listener by storm with his simple but effective Riff and the closing “By the Light of the Morning Star” blends in on the true nature of the main characters, light and shade, the revelation of their true nature.

Cool Rockers like “Ark of the Saviour” and “Die as one” mash up with woven Song material like “Redemption” or “The Road to Golgotha”, a song that takes you to the crucifixion, changing it’s mood several times: from dramatic to vicious and to hopefulness.
A special mention goes to the Song “Heroes die”, as its inclusion on this album was doubtful at first. “This is one of these songs I had to change the lyrics to fit the story”. Originally written by Troiano to mourn the loss of his hero, it’s now parable on losing an inspirational figure in one’s life. That fit for the figure of “the Son” who has been sacrificed to cleanse the sins of mankind. Naturally for his believers, his death at the time would mean the end of his influence.

In the meantime the Album stays as a strong Testament of Distant Past’s musicianship and intelligent storytelling, that will remain etched in the history books as a great Concept work and a milestone in Swiss heavy metal legacy.


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