DUFF MCKAGAN: Seeing AXL ROSE Perform With AC/DC Was ‘Magical’

DUFF MCKAGAN: Seeing AXL ROSE Perform With AC/DC Was ‘Magical’

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Duff McKagan has described seeing GUNS N’ ROSES singer Axl Rose perform with AC/DC as “magical.”

McKagan, who is one-third of the reunited partial classic lineup of GUNS N’ ROSES, got a chance to watch Rose and AC/DC play on June 4 at the The Stadium at London, England’s Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park. He talked about the experience during a June 17 appearance on “Jonesy’s Jukebox”. He said: “Me and [GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist] Slash and our ladies went over to London just to surprise Axl and to see the AC/DC thing at the new Olympic stadium. And it was amazing.”

He continued: “We went for a Saturday, basically. We had to get back… There was a graduation and there were things going on, so I had to take the 9:00 a.m. flight out Sunday morning. But we got to see him do that thing with AC/DC, and it was magical.”

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