GHOST BRIGADE “IV – One with the Storm” review

GHOST BRIGADE “IV – One with the Storm” review

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GHOST BRIGADE “IV – One with the Storm

Season of Mist Records

Finland is overwhelmed by various melodic bands, I’m not so big fan of such styles, but of course sometimes I listen to stuff which I like from this musical style. Ghost Brigade came here with their 4th full-length album, hehe, you even can see it from the album title (“IV…”). Six mature guys make pretty interesting music, as I wrote above – I’m not a big fan of such music, I can’t say it this is great or worse in comparison with another bands, but I just can write about my own feelings while listening to “IV – One With The Storm”. For me personally this album is average, means I LIKE it and at the same time I can’t be sure if I’ll listen to it daily:). All in all, what I like most of all. Most of all I like their approach of making melancholic and dark atmosphere, typical but pretty good, some bands makes just melancholic stuff, and often it sounds worse, but when musicians makes music like Ghost Brigade – i.e. they have mixed melancholic stuff with Dark means! And as a result we got darl melancholic metal, which can be listened by fans of metal of different genres. Guitar work is also good, sometimes with such sludgy sounds and ripping chords. Rhythm-section worth for attention as well, where we can hear both slow and measured rhythms. Keyboards comes proper as well, I can’t say I dislike some part of them, but I like most of all when keyboards sounded mixed with guitar solo, sounds realy good. Also vocals, roars and clean ones sounds good. Album was released 3 months ago, anyway I decided to write this review, all of you already listened to it and may have own opinion, and now here is mine. For me this is good and worth for attention album, sounds NOT like too modern crap, but catching, interesting and atmospheric. Highly recommended to listen to it while you would like to relax and clear your mind from daily shit. Surely for fans of Katatonia, Anathema etc…


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