Gig Report: Cannibal Corpse & Eufobia @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- June 13th

Gig Report: Cannibal Corpse & Eufobia @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- June 13th

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What could I do on a hot day of June 13th? Well, attending some brutality!

The brutal death metallers of Cannibal Corpse returned to Bucharest, a show from their European summer tour and since last time they were here, I think 2-3 years ago, I could not make it to see them, well I did now…

I was happy to see the opening act for CC, my Bulgarian pals of Eufobia, which is always a pleasure to see them. The Bulgarians opened CC gig in Cluj also the day before Bucharest and without a doubt, they nailed it!

Eufobia is that kind of band that knows how to catch the crowd’s attention and especially the Romanian crowd, is a band that is already known in the scene and all the time I sae them, was worth it. Their setlist was great too, playing songs like ”Madness”, ”Cyber Pervert” (one of my favorites), ”Animal Farm” and others. After the show, I met the vocalist and guitar player and I asked him why weren’t they playing ”Hater”, because that is my favorite song too and I wanted to hear that, but maybe next time they will play this one!

Usually I do not complain about other stuffs regarding the venue or whatever because I simply want to enjoy the show, but the next day, the club made also a statement, apologising about the big line that was created at the bar and the line at the token’s buying point, which that was not a serious problem for me since I was not so thirsty (for beer)…

The madness, headbanging, moshpit, growls and all those begun when Cannibal Corpse hit the stage. A cool setlist, around 18 good songs, even those classic ones that everyone get insane when are hearing them. A mix of songs from the time Chris Barnes was in the band and songs written by George Corpsegrinder, songs like ”Devoured By Vermin”, ”Gutted”, ”Kill or Become” and so on. But of course, ”I Cum Blood” could not be missed from such setlist, and we all got crazy hearing this song and then, the show ended with the most known song by CC, ”Hammer Smashed Face”… To this one I headbanged a little too, togheter with the guys of Eufobia.

Brutal sound, a hazing sound of the guitars and the bass, drum blastings, George Corpsegrinder ”helicopter” headbanging and also being little funny on stage when was talking to the crowd.

The crowd went crazy, of course, headbanging a lot, I met some pals there which almost the entire show, they were headbanging and screaming, better said growling, that means a kick a** show!

But overall, despite the hell from the outside, being so hot, it was a great show. Till next time!


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