Gig report: Nasty Abyss: Mortiferum & Cerebral Rot & Vaktal

Gig report: Nasty Abyss: Mortiferum & Cerebral Rot & Vaktal

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Club Močvara had becoming a center point and mecca for extreme metal and underground bands, even on Monday. This time we had USA assault with Mortiferum and Cerebral Rot, both bands from Washington and formed in 2016 with two albums under their belt.

Despite their relatively young span of existing years both bands show in every aspect that these are serious acts and take no prisoners.

Speaking of young bands; the local support is once again Vaktal that for the third had found themselves facing the audience of Zagreb. The self-proclaimed cosmic death metal, they take a lot of ques from acts like later Death albums along with inspirations from Atheist and Cynic.

They started at 20:45 sharp on time, for those who love the technical side of metal, they have a lot to love about Vaktal. Their technicality in playing are matched with their young age. Basically you are watching 18 something year olds making instruments their bitches. They are going all over the place during 45 minutes and all you can do is just stand there with your jaw half down.

But like all things that go with young age, more emphasis is taken on basically slapping on technical ideas on their songs with barely any hooks which is sorely missed in their tracks. As a young band they show much promise, but like any band their age there are still things that should be carved off to get that perfect balance. Take it as it is, they are still very solid warm-up to the two main bands from the States.

Infrequently, since we did the interviews with Max from Mortiferum and Ian from Cerebral Rot in between shows we missed the beginnings of better first half of their gigs. Nevertheless, when we did the interview and went to the club we are imminently under such sonic assault from both bands that I thought if the walls of Močvara were any thinner it would surely melt.

For those were taken a bit back by the production of their albums (myself included) should do themselves a favor and check Mortiferum & Cerebral Rot live. It’s a totally different thing. Their live sound was so massive and fat that tomorrow I’m checking myself for diabetes. No bullshit.

The two bands solidly complement themselves, although their similarity in many things. Cerebral Rot showcases a faster side of death metal while still providing the rotting sulfuric ambiance of their themes and lyrics. All of these combining with consistent fantastic sound that graced all these bands during their performance.

Similar to Cerebral Rot, Mortiferum carries a similar vibe to Cerebral Rot, but with a different approach, more slower with little crowd interaction in between songs, still all the quality that the previous band has the same amount here but more like listening to the whole setlist as a never-ending soundtrack of slow decay with fast festering put in between.

There were not many mosh pits during their performance but you can see that everyone are captured in the vibe of both bands. Even on Mondays, the club was almost full that shows that Croatian audience still hungers for more.


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